What to Text Your Friend With Benefits Right Now

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Not really sure what you should be texting your FWB in-between your meet-ups? Well, here are some tips what to text (and what NOT to text) during the days leading up to your next “date”. Spoiler: they have a lot to do with sex. Obviously.

Things to Text Your FWB:

1. Your preferences

A great way to make use of the time not fucking each other senseless is by letting them know what exactly you’re into. Doing so during or right before sex can catch them off-guard, and if they haven’t prepared for it (for stuff like anal or fisting), it can lead to some pretty awkward moments.

Since your relationship revolves around sex, don’t be afraid to talk about everything you’re into. It’s okay to let them know that you’ve got a massive roleplay fetish or a thing for teacher outfits. Conversely, ask them about what they want to try out, and what they’re into as well, so that you can have more satisfying sex the next time around.

2. Your schedules

This may sound like an obvious tip, but there are plenty of people who are terrible at letting others know about their schedule. In any FWB relationship, schedule-setting is very important, so be sure to let your friend know if any sudden appointments pop up so they can adjust accordingly.

3. Whatever you talked about before your FWB relationship

It’s called “Friends With Benefits” because you were friends beforehand, right? Then there should be no real problem in acting like buddies over text. There’s no reason to just stop acting like platonic friends just because you’ve banged. Just talk like you normally would to them if they were just regular friends, and you should be good.

What NOT to Text About:

1. Intimate topics, such as love

Remember, your FWB isn’t your therapist (unless they literally are, which is pretty amazing honestly). You shouldn’t be looking for relationship advice from someone you regularly have sex with, as the intimacy that comes with these topics can affect the dynamic of the relationship. Worst-case scenario, you can even end up misunderstanding things with your partner, which can prematurely end your FWB relationship.

2. Getting to know them more

This is more of an on-the-fence topic, but generally, you should avoid trying to get to know them more, unless you’re certain you won’t develop feelings for one another. Even casual small talk can create some form of attachment. It’s best to leave things as-is and limit the relationship to how well you knew each other before becoming FWBs.

3. Your other relationships (especially other FWBs if you have them)

Just because you have sex with them doesn’t mean that you have to share everything about your sex life. This is especially true if you’ve been seeing anyone aside from them. Sure, there’s a good chance that they brush it off, since they probably couldn’t care less. But other people can end up overthinking when they learn that you’ve been seeing other people, so it’s best to play it safe and avoid those topics in general.

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