7 Different Types of Romantic Relationships

types of relationship

Growing up, the only three relationships you were probably familiar with were “friendly”, “romantic (boyfriend and girlfriend)”, and “married” relationships. These days, however, there are all kinds of different relationship dynamics, with some that are purely sexual, and others that take romance to the next level.

Depending on how you define them, relationships can be classified into seven different categories: monogamous relationships, polygamous relationships, dom-sub relationships, casual sex relationships, FWB relationships, threesome relationships, and affairs. Other kinds of relationships do exist, but these are generally the most popular ones practiced today.

In this blog, we’ll be going over these seven different relationships and the differences in how they get it on with their partners.

1. Monogamous relationships

These are your typical, vanilla, run-of-the-mill relationships that involve two individuals engaging in romantic and sexual activities only with each other. Now don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing inherently wrong with monogamous relationships, it’s just that these days, a lot of people look for something more “exciting” if you will.

2. Polyamorous relationship

What if, instead of dating just one person, you date multiple people at the same time instead? Enter polygamous relationships. These are romantic relationships where all individuals involved consent to engaging in sexual activities with one another. This is a general term, so whether it’s a 5-to-1 sausage fest or a 2-on-2 double-date dicking, then the relationship falls under polyamory.

3. Dom sub relationships

You’ve probably heard these types of relationships before. As the name suggests, dom-sub relationships are relationships where one individual (the sadist) dominates over the other (the masochist). This can be either purely sexual or extend to day-to-day activities. It’s no stretch to say that the relationship is an acquired taste – and one that’s fueled by the dynamic power play that it’s built upon.

4. Casual sex relationship

Casual sex relationships are defined vaguely as relationships that involve, well, casual sex (what else did you expect?). Joking aside, this can mean that aside from the casual sex, romantic interest may or may not be involved, and the individuals can explore options with other partners at the same time, too.

5. FWB relationship

FWB relationships are relationships between Friends With Benefits, or friends that engage in sexual activities with no strings attached. This is different from casual sex relationships, as there’s none of the romance involved in any FWB relationship. In fact, the romantic interest ends up being the reason why many FWB relationships end.

6. 3some relationships

Interested in polyamory, but would rather not have a club meeting every time you went out on dates? Threesome relationships may be just what you’re looking for. With three individuals, the dynamic ends up either being MFF or MMF for straight people, so expect either the double cowgirl or the doggy blowjob (also known as the “spit roast”) to be a common “practice”.

7. Having an Affair

Affairs are arguably the spiciest relationships on this list. They involve at least one married individual and a partner that engages in either sexual or romantic activities with one another. There are different kinds of affairs, but they all usually involve a lot of work, so be sure you know what you’re doing if you get into one.

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