13 Best One Night Stand Apps for FWB, NSA & Casual Sex

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Can you find someone to spend casual time with through a one night stand app? While many use dating apps and websites to find committed, long-term relationships, others are looking for something else. Sure, you can find someone to spend the rest of your life with, but what if you’re looking for someone to spend just one night? Which apps and websites will give you the best luck at getting a hookup? What if you want to keep it familiar but don’t want to be exclusive? Can you find a friend with benefits online?

There are some sites where users will get intensely offended once they realize that fulfilling your sexual desires is all you’re after. However, there are apps and websites out there that are made just for the purposes you’re aiming for. Take a look at the list of best one night stand apps that we’ve compiled to help you in your endeavor.


While many might think of Ashleymadison.com as a hookup website for those searching for an affair, there is an assorted collection of people in different situations. Though most are married and looking for a hookup or ongoing relationship on the down-lo, you will find some singles. If you’re okay with your fling being the one sneaking around (or maybe you’re the one doing the sneaking), then Ahsleymadison.com might just be your place to find a one-night stand.


Adultfreindfinder.com boasts over 80 million users around the globe. That’s a lot of different hotties to choose from for your one night stand adventures. Search terms will get you leads for “fuck buddies” or “monogamy” and everything in between. You’ll find singles and couples alike who are looking to add some spice to their dating lives. Luckily for our hookup homies, this website is focused on finding casual sex connections. Signup is quick and will let you select all the parameters you’re looking for in a lover. The best part about adultfriendfinder.com is that it’s free to sign up.


The plus side of Tinder is that there are tons of users. You’ll find a lot of people, and a lot of people will find you. Because Tinder isn’t solely a one night stand app, you’ll want to note in your profile that you’re not looking for anything serious. This will help to make your intentions clear to anyone checking you out. This app is available on IOS and Android, so get busy swiping left and right to find your next one night stand.


Suacydates.com is a dating site where pretty much anything goes. You can create a profile as a single or a couple, and you’re welcomed no matter your gender identity or sexual preference. Better yet, you can use this hookup website to find pretty much any kind of relationship, whether it be a serious long-term deal or a quick fling. You’ll have to watch out, as the site is infiltrated with fake accounts, but there are reported to be over a million users worldwide. Most users are over the age of 25 and are male. Registration is easy, but it lacks a Facebook connection. This could leave you giving up your privacy to friends and family.


Not sure about meeting up for the real deal? Snapsext.com provides a live chat option for those looking to get their groove thing on over the internet without ever leaving the house. The downside is that this feature is not free. However, you’ll find a huge variety of different people looking for all kinds of relationships (or not looking for a relationship at all). There are different options of all kinds to watch other live video feeds or prerecorded sexual acts. You’ll still find those looking for in-person arrangements, but this website caters more to those looking to keep things distant.


Pure might be one of the better bets as far as one night stand apps go. It totes itself as “the hookup app for awesome people.” Because your conversations will go away after an hour, you’ll have to be a smooth talker to get things going before time runs out. Meeting up with your chosen hookup is easy. Simply drop a pin and set your rendezvous location. This app is available for IOS and Android.


This great website has exactly what you’re looking for in the name. There’s no pressure for a serious relationship or anything more than a simple hookup. It’s intended for single people only, but that’s not to say couples couldn’t use it too. Couple share is not an available feature to discourage couples from joining. You’ll be able to find available friends nearby (within 100 km) with a quick search, though there are roughly 550,000 American users to choose from. Paying for a premium account is the only way to access the chat function, so be prepared to pay a monthly fee to continue finding hookups through onenightfriend.com.


Like with Tinder, Down lets you swipe left and right to make a connection with someone. Then you can tell them your desires for a relationship (or lack of one) without any pressure. It’s straightforward, which is the beauty of finding one night stands through this app. You can select “date” or “hookup” and look for others wanting the same. This app is available on IOS and Android.


Did you know there used to be a Tinder for three-ways? Well, Feeld started off as “3nder” to help those looking for a three-way a place to link up. If you’re looking for a couple to join in with (or maybe you’re in a relationship looking for that unicorn), Feeld might be the perfect one night stand app for you. Better-yet, you can make sure you remain invisible from anyone you might be friends with on Facebook. You can find it on IOS and Android.


Victoriamilan.com is another hookup website for those who are already married who are looking for an affair or one night stand without their partner’s knowledge. Registration is easy, and you can even blur your photos for privacy. There is even a panic button in case you think your partner may have caught you. This allows you to jump to another website at the quick click of a button. The sites charge will never appear on your billing accounts either. You can also find users nearest your location with this website, making one night stands convenient.


Meetlocals.com is geared towards people looking for a quick one night stand or casual dating. They makes signing up easy, though you won’t be able to connect your Facebook account for privacy features. While it’s free to join, different features are only available at different price points ranging from $10 to $120 monthly. There are no keyword search features or ways to search for certain presets. If you want to find a one night stand through meetlocals.com, you’ll have to go the profile matching features of the website. The plus side of this website is that there is a video chat function.


If you’re looking for a one night stand or casual hookup, you could try flirtbuddies.com. This website is free to sign up. It is reported that most profiles on this site are fake, so you may be better off elsewhere. There are four different levels of upgrades to add more options to your profile which include extras like cell phone texting, private fried photos, and get action guarantee (a free month of membership if you don’t like the website, which is pretty useless if you’re not liking the site). This site seems to be much less than it’s cracked up to be.


Wouldn’t you like to hook up with someone you already know? Well, Happn can make that happen. If there’s someone you cross paths with on a regular basis who also uses the app, you’ll get notified. Maybe someone who is right under your nose is the perfect person for you to engage in a casual relationship with. You never know. This app is available on IOS and Android.

Best One Night Stand App for You

While there are many apps designed for various dating activities and hookup websites meant to help you find someone with common interests, no two are alike. You’ll want to take the time to figure out what your goals are before you decide which one night stand app or website you should choose. Though you might be looking to get some action for one evening, you might decide that you want something more committed down the road. Picking an app or website that will allow you to easily transition to these goals might present a better opportunity for the achievement of your dating dreams. Also, be wary of apps and websites that could be scams where there are no real people at all, like Flirtbuddies. You don’t want to hand over your banking details to the wrong company and not fulfill what you’re aiming for.

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