Triad Relationship In Polyamory: What Is It, What Are The Rules And Everything About It

triad poly relationship

Are you interested in triad relationship (or a triad, for short)? Do you have a burning question about the subject? Then keep on reading! Polyamory is an alluring option for people looking to live their life to the fullest and have both emotional and physical closeness. And in this regard you have to know and do somethings. In this article we will explain everything about triad (aka throuple) relationship.

What Is Triad Relationship In Polyamory?

The term “triad” implies a group of three, and in the context of polyamory, it refers to a relationship between three people. In contrast to “polyfidelity,” which indicates a relationship that is closed off to all other partners, a triad describes a polyamorous group that forms an intimate bond between all three partners.

The relationships between each of the members may be equally balanced, or one person may have more intensity with another than with the third person; it’s impossible to know from the outside looking in.

They may share an apartment together, or one member of the triad might live with his or her partner while the third party lives elsewhere. The possibilities for a successful triad are endless, as long as all members feel like they are getting what they need out of their relationship.

How To Let The Triad (Aka Throuple) Relationship Work?

1- Everyone Should Be On The Same Page

If you want to have a triad polyamory relationship, everyone needs to be on the same page. Each person has to accept this situation and have a threesome relationship. This also represents an honest relationship model.

At the same time, the relationship should begin in a way that everyone approves, not at the request of one person. Otherwise, problems may arise in the relationship in the future. That’s why everyone in the relationship needs to accept and want this relationship.

2- First Step For Those Who Will Try This For The First Time

If you are married and want to have a triad relationship, the first rule of engagement you should do is talk to your spouse. During this conversation, the first thing you need to do is not to try to convince your spouse, but to show your partner the good sides of this relationship and that nothing will change in your relationship with your partner.

You must show and feel that your love and devotion to your partner will remain the same. Then you have to give him time to think. But during this time, respect your spouse’s self-evaluation of this issue.

Don’t talk about it all the time. And don’t force your partner if he doesn’t want to. Because in the type of polyamory relationship, everyone’s consent is required. Otherwise, the relationship will not progress.

3- Communication

Many people believe that relationships are not made to work in this way, but in fact, triad relationships have a high success rate. As long as there is proper communication within the relationship, it is possible for all three individuals of this relationship to be happy and satisfied.

Proper communication starts at the beginning of the relationship. A couple must be open with their third party about what they want and need out of the relationship. This helps avoid confusion and hurt feelings later on down the road. It is important that each individual feels valued and respected by the other two partners.

4- Rules And Expectations

All three members of a triad must agree on the boundaries, rules and expectations that will be set within the relationship. This includes all social events, such as invitations to family gatherings, holidays and vacations. When plans are made, it is very important that each person has input into those plans so there are no surprises or hurt feelings.

5- Being Sensitive

Each member of a triad has individual needs to be met – these needs can be sexual or emotional or just companionship. If one member of a triad feels neglected or unneeded, then resentment can begin to build up which may lead to problems within the relationship. In order to prevent this from happening it is important for each partner in the triad to be sensitive to the needs of their partners.

What Are The Challenges & Difficulties Of Triad Relationship?

1- Misunderstood

The difficulties of  mfm, ffm triad relationship are different because the relationship is different. It’s not just the fact that you have three people involved, but also the way that all three of those people relate to each other.

Some of the difficulties stem from the fact that polyamory is still a relatively new concept for many people, and don’t understand it.

2- Honesty And Feelings

A lot of polyamorous relationships are based on honesty and communication, and yet many monogamous relationships are as well. The difference is often in our society, a person in a monogamous relationship may feel that they need to hide their feelings for fear of hurting their partner.

While this can be true in poly relationships as well, there is an added layer because when you have more than one partner you must consider your feelings for all of them.

3- Jealousy

In a triad polyamory relationship there are often concerns about jealousy. Jealousy is a common problem in most relationships. It stems from insecurity or feeling like your needs aren’t being met.

In a triad relationship there is usually more than one person who can meet your needs and help you feel secure, however this can sometimes make it harder to discuss jealousy without it becoming a point of contention between the partners who aren’t feeling jealous.

3- Spending Time With Each Partner

One of the biggest challenges of a poly triad relationship is figuring out how to spend time with each partner equally. When you’re in a relationship with two people, it’s easy to find time for both of them. But when there are three people in a relationship, it gets harder to see each person individually. You might have schedules and jobs that conflict. You might be living in a small apartment or other space that doesn’t allow you all to be together at the same time comfortably.

4- More Argument Problems

There may be more disagreements because you have more than one partner. Also, your time is divided among multiple people or partners. All of them will have different personalities and needs, which mean that you may not be able to satisfy each person 100 percent of the time. Therefore, you may have more arguments in the relationship.

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