Is it Worth Having One Night Stands while in a Relationship?

You’ve been dating someone for quite a while now – around 18 months now, give or take. At first, you were insanely passionate, and the sex was amazing. You tried out so many different positions that sex felt like yoga. But because your partner’s work suddenly got more hectic, or they just haven’t felt like doing it anymore, you haven’t gotten laid for quite a while now.

Months pass and all you get is the occasional handjob or fingering while they read up on business files. Now, that can be hot in its own right, but not when that’s the only fun you’ve had in so long. You’ve been asking to get into their pants for a while now, but they’re not available or not interested, so you turn to your last resort – other people.

This poses a huge question, though – is it worth looking for sexual satisfaction from people other than your partner? It can be a very tough decision and one that requires a lot of thought about the consequences. So to make things easier for you, we’ve listed some of the arguments for (and against) one-night stands while in a relationship.

Why It’s Not That Bad

There are quite a few reasons you shouldn’t even consider them, but first, let’s first talk about why one night stands while in a relationship aren’t THAT bad.

1. It’s the least damaging way of “cheating” …

I think almost everybody can agree that cheating is bad. But cheating itself isn’t as simple as people think it is, and there’s a lot of different levels and types of cheating. One night stands, in particular, can be considered as the least damaging way to cheat, since all you’re doing is having sex for a night with some stranger you matched on Tinder.

2. It’s unlikely that you’re going to get caught

It’s a lot easier to cover up a one night stand with someone you don’t even know, compared to an ongoing relationship with someone. It’s a lot simpler to make excuses, and you don’t have to buy a second phone to hide all your messages.

Why It’s Pretty Bad

1. … But it’s still cheating

Sure, compared to other forms of cheating, one night stands are relatively tame. But at the end of the day, it’s still cheating, and that means you’re being dishonest with your partner. If you’re having issues with your sexual needs and your partner, you gotta confront them about it, not look for someone else behind their back.

2. … but you can still get caught

All it takes is one terrible lie or a slip of the tongue for even a short one night stand to come out of the woodwork. Once that happens, your relationship will never be the same, and in the worst case, you’ll break up. All that for some stranger’s coochie – not that worth it, if you think about it.

If your relationship isn’t as sexually active as it was before, you can definitely look for a one night stand every now and then to keep you satisfied, but you’re still better off confronting your partner about it personally.

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