How to Set Yourself Up for a Long-Term FWB Relationship

long term relationship

Let’s say that you’ve just found the friend with benefits of your dreams. They’re hot, are great in bed, and have exactly the same kinks and fetishes as yours. You meet more than once a week, and their schedule lines up with yours almost perfectly. They’ve got everything you’d want in a fuck buddy, and since you’ve known them for a while already, you know you’re compatible in a platonic way.

With this big of a catch, you’re probably already thinking about how you can prolong your relationship for as long as possible. But knowing that FWB relationships aren’t meant to last, you aren’t sure what to do. Luckily, we’re here to help. Here are some tips we have that’ll keep your FWB relationship going until one of you finds a real romantic partner.

1. Try spacing out your “sessions”

It can be tempting to look for every available date to fuck your brains out whenever you start an FWB relationship, especially when they’re perfectly compatible with you. But like good food, you’re better off savoring the experience before eating them out (pun intended).

Meeting more than twice a week may sound fun at first, but if sex is all you do (which is what you should only be doing), then it can quickly get boring after a while. Spacing out your sessions will make it more interesting in the long-term.

2. Always try out new positions

Good ol’ missionary sex not doing it for you anymore? Learn to switch up the fun as much as you can, so that every meetup is a new, exciting experience. Doggystyle, anal, and even the more intense positions like the throat-fucking can be game-changers. We personally recommend buying a copy of the Karma Sutra and blindly picking a random page, then following whatever you end up with. Think of the Wheel of Fortune, but sexier.

3. Throw in kinks and fetishes to the mix

Changing the way you thrust your dick or suck a cock can go a long way, but ultimately that can get boring after a while, too, since we humans can never get truly satisfied. So, if your partner’s willing, try out some of those fetishes that you’ve awakened back in college.

Got a thing for BDSM? Bring a pair of handcuffs and a blindfold as a start. Does roleplay turn you on? Tell them to bring whatever clothes they’ve got that can fulfill your fantasies. And be sure to ask what kinds of fetishes they’re into as well, so that they get to enjoy, too.

Remember that your relationship will ultimately end

4. Alas, there’s a reason why “long-term friends with benefits relationship” isn’t really a thing in the first place. They’re not meant to last – some just last longer than others. By coming to terms with the fact that you’ll be ending your relationship eventually, you’ll get to enjoy what you have right now a lot more, and you won’t have to deal with worrying about it anymore.

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