Guide Of Solo Polyamory: Is That Just A Flirt?

Solo polyamory, polyamory and being non-relationship in a relationship, non-primary and solo poly – whatever you call it, makes an important statement. You don’t have to rely on one person to be happy and fulfilled. This can be a hard concept for others to get their head around. And in this article we will explain the solo polyamory!

What Is Solo Polyamory?

First of all, I need to introduce the concept of “poly” as shorthand for “polyamorous.” Polyamory is a term that describes having an intimate relationship with more than one person at a time. It differs from monogamy in that it allows for romantic love and emotional intimacy with multiple people simultaneously. It also differs in that it does not imply sexual relations with multiple people simultaneously. You can be poly without ever dating more than one person at the same time, for example.

Solo polyamory (sometimes called “solo poly”) is a form of consensual non-monogamy where one person is not partnered, but has multiple lovers. Unlike traditional polyamory, you don’t have to have a primary partner; you can be single and still have another lover, who can also be single or part of a couple.

In solo polyamory, you have one primary relationship and then other relationships on top of that relationship. You might have a spouse, for example, and then have another partner you only see occasionally but are emotionally close to and consider yourself to be dating. Or you might have a long-distance partner who lives across the country but you see every couple of months when you go visit your spouse.

What Are The Other Name Of Solo Polyamory?

Singleish is the other name of solo polyamory. What this means is that it is a member of the polyamory but an independent partner. Independent partners can often be involved in more than one relationship and act freely. For this reason, these people are called “Singleish” or “Solo Polyamory Partners”.

What Are The Differences Between Solo Polyamory And Polyamory?

The difference between polyamory and solo polyamory is actually quite sharp and clear. In polyamory, partners are often interdependent and have responsibilities to each other. But in solo polyamory it is the opposite. They may have relationships with more than one group or person. And they are not responsible for anything in this relationship. For this reason, these people are called “Solo Polyamory Partners” or “Singleish”.

How Solo Polyamory Works in Relationships?

There is no single definition of solo polyamory, but it usually involves multiple romantic relationships with overlapping partners.

It can be an umbrella term for anyone who has more than one lover, regardless of how they define themselves. When people talk about solo polyamory, they are often referring to a relationship style in which the person has at least one other partner besides their primary partner.

The point of making this distinction is that many people practicing solo polyamory also have a primary partner, and that it’s not just about sleeping around.

A solo polyamorous person may have a primary partner and several secondary partners, or they may practice “solo polyfidelity,” where all their relationships are sexual but none are romantic.

A solo polyamorous person may even have several primary partners, but all the relationships are open—they can flirt and sleep with others and still consider their primary partners their most important loves.

In all cases, what distinguishes solo poly from monogamy is the emphasis on honesty and communication. Solo polyamorous people strive to have clear agreements about when it’s OK to flirt or sleep with other people and when it isn’t, and if any agreement changes, they’re open to renegotiating.

What Are The Advantages Of Solo Polyamory?

One of the biggest advantages to solo polyamory is that it’s pretty simple. If you’re single, you’re not juggling multiple relationships at a time or managing anyone else’s expectations in your romantic life.

There’s no negotiation over who gets to see who when, no mind games about other lovers trying to get their needs met at the expense of yours, and no need to try to set up a system that will work for everyone in the long run.

Instead, you can focus on what makes you happy right now—you’re not limited by anyone else’s needs, and if you want to date more than one person at once, the only thing stopping you is your own comfort with the situation. If you don’t feel like having another relationship at all times, it never has to be more than a possibility.

Because your relationship(s) aren’t defined by anyone else’s rules or expectations, they have the potential to be flexible beyond anything that would come from pursuing your relationships in tandem with someone else.

If there’s one person you want to spend every moment with but another who isn’t quite as important in your life, that’s perfectly fine—you don’t have to worry about losing out on being with your less-important partner. And there are lot’s of advantages of solo polyamory. So people that’s why choose the solo polyamory.

Isn’t Solo Polyamory A Dating?

Actually, solo polyamory isn’t exactly a dating or hookup. In solo polyamory, there is a relationship lived together with certain individuals or groups, although there is not exactly a commitment. And one usually does not look for casual partners, but rather long-term partners. You can also think of it as FB, but FB solo is not polyamory. It is also something that can be experienced emotionally in solo polyamory. It doesn’t have to be sexual. For this reason, this condition is called “Solo Polyamory”.

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